Oslo Media Stations

The project involves the design, planning and production of four Media Stations for the Deichmanske Library in Oslo, Norway.
It was a cooperation between the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO Oslo) and the Design Research Network OCEAN. The project involved the close international collaboration of all participants, who carried it from first sketches to the fully developed product of the Media Stations within seven months.
The Media Stations were intended to offer their users an environment open for a multitude of uses. We explored how the design can support divergent uses that range from studying and researching to relaxing and enjoying films or music. The complex interaction of a wide variety of requirements and production-related restrictions led to the production of Media Stations distinguished by their special visual, haptic, and acoustic qualities, their innovative material, and their novel assembly logic.
The Media Stations were launched in October 2009.

Design, technical design, production
HfG team: Prof. Achim Menges, Julia Aster, Marc Bischoff, Elena Burggraf, Nicola Burggraf, Daniel Kussmaul, Lukas Methner, Steffen Reichert, Nico Reinhardt, Burkhardt Schempp

Research and Analysis
AHO team: Prof. Birger Sevaldson, Olivier Butstraen, José Pinto, Rudi O. Wulff

Design Mentoring
OCEAN: Michael Hensel

Deichmanske Library: Reinert Mithassel

Production Guidance and Support
YNOR: Ronny Andresen and team